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I am listening and asking the lad to tell me his tale, but thus far his tight lips have not parted! The daguerreian was at the pinnacle of his trade when he made this archivally sealed sixth size masterwork! Certainly, a variety of tales might be told but I will report what I see. The boy was dressed in his finery for what was, in his young life, an extremely important event. He was visiting a gallery to be daguerreotyped with his favorite, prized rooster. The subject was instructed to hold the bird tightly and at the same time, while the lens was uncapped, to remain as motionless as possible. The youngster?s dark eyes focused on the front element of the lens and he perfectly acted out the suggestions given to him. Outstanding illumination painted the poser and his cock! The operator finished the piece by adding red pigments on the bird and a slight wash also on his client?s face. The daguerreotype originally came in an incorrect case. I have placed this remarkable and very rare likeness in a fabulous mother of pearl box that was correct for the period this image was made, circa 1850-1852. Any specks and flecks you see in my reproduction are totally innocuous! There is oxidation flowing inside the scalloped brass mat.