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Sixth Plate


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GENERAL WINFIELD SCOTT! I have included a link to a brief biography about one of the most important Military officers in America in the first half of the 19th century. Scott was also an unsuccessful presidential candidate of the Whig party in 1852. The prominence of the man and his history has been widely documented. He was painted, drawn, daguerreotyped and photographed hundreds of times during his lifetime that began in Petersburg VA when he was born June 13 1786. The general died at West Point May 29 1866 one year and one month after hostilities of the Civil War had ceased. Generals Grant and Lee actually signed a document of surrender at Appomattox Court House VA April 9 1865 but General Joseph Johnson didn?t surrender to General William T. Sherman until April 26 1865 at Bennett?s Place North Carolina.

Here is that biographical info:

We are offering for sale this outstanding archivally sealed sixth plate that copied an earlier drawing or engraving of a younger and very dynamic General Scott onto a splendid silver mirror that should be considered nearly flawless. Casey and I have searched in vain to find the original on the web. This exact reproduction was done circa 1847. It is kept in a complete leather case that has an expertly repaired leather hinge. There is a sliver of patina inside the brass surround and slight mat scrapes at the top.