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Sixth Plate


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I AM REMINDED . . . Of a patchwork quilt each time I open the adorable and attractive teenager’s complete leather case when I study that sumptuous dress she wore while posing for her intriguing resealed sixth plate. The daguerreian wasn’t at all concerned that his white reflector would be seen on the left side. It was there to balance the illumination that entered the space from above his subject on the opposite side. Why did the man place the girl directly in front of the camera and ask her to cross her arms over her waist? I KNOW the answer to my question! He didn’t have any sense of design or how to pose a young woman who was so exquisitely fresh and lovely. Did she overwhelm his thought process, sitting there so serenely looking directly into the lens? Swirling mists of time (actually a slight fault in the original process) surrounded the bride, whose rings were painted gold along with her earrings and other jewelry. That was an interesting ribbon/collar arrangement worn around her neck and across both shoulders. Only at the best angle of appreciation is the tinting on the lass acceptable. After she is revealed inside a complete leather case, be patient until that sweet spot is found and you will be wonderfully rewarded not only by the subject but great depth and clarity. A few mold spiders and specks are scattered to and fro.