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Sixth Plate


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HOW TO CRADLE A CASE! The first time I examined her now resealed sixth plate over 20 years ago, I absolutely adored the woman’s angular face, large lips and liquid eyes even through the filthy glass that had never been cleaned. With the passage of time, my love for the lady hasn?t been diminished and I still feel the same way. Her image is rather quirky! That dress shimmers and changes hues as the piece is held and rotated in great viewing light. The portrait was taken circa 1845 and rests in a common leather case that is apart. When viewed at the perfect angle the tinting on her dress is perfection personified. The condition of the dag is magnificent. Also, I believe that was a mirror on the right side of the image. It would have been used to reflect the window light opposite, back upon her to soften any shadows. Quite an effective effort don’t you think?