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There are three parts to the young gal?s mesmerizing retaped sixth plate. Her gorgeous appearance highlighted by those cute freckles surrounding a pair of the most lovely, sensuous eyes ever all framed by dark delightful coils of hair. The stunning lace pelerine and accouterments including that impressive brooch and the ribbon near the back of her head. Then looking down at her roughly used hands, instantly altered my overall perspective of the woman. She wasn?t a wealthy well-kept gal. This child of labor knew what it was like to toil for her money. Kudos to all working-class women then and now. I salute you through the beauty and candidness of this lady gone so long ago; whose presence on her daguerreotype will continue to attract every viewer when the separated leather case is opened. I believe she was taken circa 1845-1846. Subtle tinting accented her lips and cheeks. Rich oxidation creates additional natural colors. The dark horizontal lines were from the original plate preparation.