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Sixth Plate


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LOOKING AHEAD! From that fancy braided hat band, downwards my eyes traveled past his (serious orbs if I ever saw a pair) to his starched snow-white collar and matching pleated shirt, while noticing the form fitting jacket (with velvet lapels no less) and his neatly knotted bowtie, the gent had sartorial splendor rarely seen in resealed sixth plate dags. The fact that he placed his curved ebony cane in the forefront, cupped on top by his curled fingers, spoke volumes about the poser?s self-confident demeanor. The daguerreian hired to produce the likeness was equal to his client?s wishes. Sharply focused with outstanding contrast, rich tonality and excellent deep depth were factors that propelled this piece into the stratosphere of fine dag making. Even the separated leather case had an odd delicate roses theme used in combination with another floral design on the cover that I had never seen in tandem. Patina and mold spiders are visible plus tiny mat marks.