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Sixth Plate


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WHY WAS THE DAG COPIED? A very scary sixth plate daguerreotype with a new archival seal that was copied from the original after it had been finished and given to the person who commissioned this remarkable likeness. This is one of the most frightening and obscure records on silver that I have ever owned. Was the woman near death, suffering from a medical condition or ???? And the reason for making the original PLUS a second one? Could it have been a doctor who required the extra plate to share with a colleague? I can?t image the lady?s kinfolk desiring more than the initial effort. The unidentified daguerreian most likely visited the location where the woman resided (at that moment of truth). The main light source entered the space from the right side and a secondary smaller bit of brightness left reflected hot spots on the female?s forehead and nose. She was swathed in a cape constructed from silk or shiny cotton fabric. Those arms and hands crept out from underneath and remained folded across her torso. Wild eyes and an open mouth could have signified some unknown disease. However, the overall appearance of the original was extremely spooky! I believe the second piece was exposed immediately after the first was finished circa 1851. A nail is seen at the bottom center just inside the brass mat. Unfortunately, those wipes are on this example, but they do disappear at the best viewing angles. The plate has fantastic reflected depth and narrow patina inside the scalloped brass surround. The complete leather case has a decorative velvet pad inside.