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Sixth Plate


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A CLASSIC IMPRESSION! Underneath a boldly impressed eagle was, ?J. H. Whitehurst Galleries? and a list of seven cities where he and his surrogates operated daguerreian studios by 1851. Unfortunately, there was no information beyond what was on the red plush pad opposite the fellow?s retaped sixth plate daguerreotype to indicate where he had been taken. Light entered the space from overhead and really defined the lad?s features with precise three dimensionality. The image could have been made during colder months, possibly in the north, since the subject chose to button his overcoat while the exposure was taken. Tinting was applied to the man?s face and lips. His serious mouth and intense focus beyond the plane of the plate might have been done at the suggestion of the cameraman. Or the patron of the arts might have been a very somber person. Beautiful patina follows the shape of the scalloped mat. A few mold spiders and white specks are visible. There is a dent in the silver on the right side. The leather case has an adequately repaired spine.