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Sixth Plate


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SERIOUSLY STERN! While the woman wasn’t a charmer, I thought her bold dress and the red necklace might be of interest to a collector of interesting likenesses. She is a resealed sixth plate kept in a spectacular complete mother of pearl Japanned case with an original contrasting wide brown leather spine embossed with gold flowers. ?CURRIER? was impressed at the bottom of the brass mat. While there were several daguerreians with the same surname, I believe this was probably John Q. who worked in Lowell Massachusetts circa 1851-1853. This piece has absolutely explosive contrast and reflective depth! Those white specks are certainly visible but not overly detrimental to the appearance of the lady?s exemplary daguerreotype. Currier also added realistic tinting to his client?s flesh tones and matching earrings, plus additional pigments to his tablecloth.