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His slightly blurry face was etched with wonderment while the daguerreian worked diligently to place the child and his mother on this resealed sixth plate. Although his wrist was bent at an odd angle, the boy didn?t run away because mom was firmly holding it. She had a rather stern expression and those medium toned eyes might have drilled holes in the surface silver if the exposure had been a few seconds longer. The man tinted the tunic the boy wore purple. Yes, that was an odd choice of color. That daguerreian locket between the woman?s collars held a portrait for sure, but the reflected light in the room totally obscured the image. If you look closely at the gal?s dress covering her left arm faint wipes are visible. There is also a brown circle near there seen in the negative. Ancient patina flows inside the fancy brass mat. Mold spiders and white spots are on the bright reflective surface. Their worn leather case has a partially repaired hinge.