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Sixth Plate


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WAS SHE AN AUTHOR? I do wonder if this splendid resealed sixth plate shows a woman who might have been a novelist or poet? Neither Casey nor I have ever seen a pen placed in an inkwell and set on a table in a daguerreian portrait. The original wrinkled cloth behind the woman coupled with the natural vignette created by the patina makes for a visually pleasing likeness. Weren?t those gloves abnormally long? The dag is kept in a beautiful complete leather case. I suspect that she was taken circa 1851. The daguerreotypist bathed the attractive gal with plenty of brightness. Every detail in her elaborate dress was emphasized! Each strand of her wavy hair was in crisp focus. The gal placed two fingers against her freckled cheek while those lovely bright eyes peered beyond the camera into the depths of the room. Those teeny white specks are nearly invisible. The likeness has impressive qualities and suggests a story!