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Sixth Plate


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GOLD AND PINK! Those were the two primary colors the daguerreian used to finish his patron?s plate that was done in sixth size. The delightful lass wore a considerable treasure trove of jewelry including that large oval brooch anchoring her tinted ribbons. She was comfortably posed with one arm resting on that nearly invisible tabletop. The lady?s luminous bright eyes watched the man behind his camera and a slight smile formed on her thin lips. I don?t know what created the vertical hazy marks on the silver. Since the image remains nicely hand colored and there is ancient patina around the sitter, the surface was never cleaned. There are small flecks and specks plus mat marks on the right and along the bottom. The retaped gem resides in an extremely rare pressed paper case painted with a tortoise shell theme that was embellished by an urn of flowers painted on top of the cover.