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Sixth Plate


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HE WAS . . . Hap Hap Happy to pose for this retaped sixth plate. Although I should mention that the pose certainly wasn?t commonly seen. Placing a book on the tablecloth, with the spine facing up was unusual. Asking the client to caress a tome wasn?t done very often. Then, placing the gent?s top hat on that column prop added to the visual challenge! All of those daguerreian frosting specks in the darker areas of the likeness added to the strange texture of the piece. I should mention that the contrast is fine and the depth impressive! While the man visited a daguerreotypist circa 1849, the complete case with a repaired cloth hinge, was more popular later. There is a small vertical scratch in the cover glass lower left, a brown dot (most likely mold) upper right and faint patina. Polishing marks are visible at certain angles.