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Sixth Plate


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NOT THE BEST RESULT. Yes, even after all these years of collecting, trading and selling the finest daguerreotypes I can acquire, even an imperfect sixth plate that has a new archival seal still fascinates me. After all, this child who held a small folded fan in her lap was loved by parents enough to have someone make this portrait. I wonder if the chemistry wasn?t quite perfect when she visited the daguerreian. Or . . . although there were bright reflections in the child?s eyes, was it a dull overcast day outside the window and this was the best likeness that could be produced? The darker tarnish hugs the brass mat. All the specks on the silver were caused by badly decomposed old glass. The plate was produced about 1849. The intact leather case has two themes on the covers and a very bright red silk pad inside. What a cute little lass who has survived through time.