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Sixth Plate


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DAG MEASLES! Oh DARN! I didn?t even notice the surface through filthy glass before the charming brothers sixth plate was resealed. Never the less, these boys were so adorable even today that I offer them to the next collector. Light lit the two when it entered the room from high on the left. Since the opposite side of their cute faces wasn?t in deep shadows, I can accurately note that some sort of light or white reflector was in place. Weren?t those a pair of wonderful chairs with caned seats? The boys? clothes made for a nice study of garments worn by male children about 1850, although the older lad?s outfit certainly looks earlier to my eyes. There is a noticeable scratch in the tarnish and touching the mat upper left. The white dots might have occurred from weeping glass. I absolutely love these primitive examples of daguerreian art. The brothers are held in the bottom of a leather case.