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Sixth Plate


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1845-1846 . . .! A very charming retaped sixth plate taken of two fresh-faced, attractive siblings. Because of the impression on their separated leather case, the mat, protector style, the hallmark (?Star 40?) and the red wax on the copper side, I am certain of the date, within one year?s time, when they were taken. Not many early daguerreians would have the confidence to pose kids thusly, free standing next to each other. The young Madonna wore her raven colored hair in tightly flowing coils cascading below her shoulders. Her luminous dark eyes and slightly parted red lips were perfectly accentuated by spectacular illumination that flowed into the space from directly overhead. Her brother hooked his thumb inside that buttoned vest. His eager expression makes me wonder if he was conversing with the daguerreotypist just prior to the lens being uncapped. Oxidation follows the octagonal brass frame?s outline. This sensational plate was impossible to accurately reproduce. The kids? flesh tones were vividly tinted and the reflected depth borders on being surreal. There is a sizeable wipe on the boy?s sleeve above his elbow. However, I can tell you that when the duo is seen at the best angles, that flaw is not noticeable.