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Sixth Plate


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IT WAS DAMN COLD! Unrelenting direct sunlight scorched the explorer’s mahogany hued face that probably had the consistency of beef jerky after being exposed to the elements wherever the man had been traveling. No matter how much insulation he wore underneath that bearskin coat, and in spite of his indomitable spirit and resolute nature to finish the job, I just know he was shivering while exposed to the elements. I suspect he folded his heavily protected hands encased in woolen mittens covered with rawhide in front of himself in an effort to remain motionless. The subject was definitely seated for this masterpiece of light, shape and textures. A piece of canvas tarp might have been hung behind the man while the operator?s exposure was placing this unidentified person on a crudely prepared glimmering silvery mirror. Each viewing angle reveals differences in colors and tones. The sixth plate asks many questions for which I have few answers. Along with this extraordinary artifact a second retaped sixth plate is included. It presents us with the same chap taken prior to leaving on an expedition to the great white north. The furry fellow?s dag has marks on the surface probably from the day he was taken circa 1850. Remember, trying to make a dag in the comforts of a studio would be much different when working in extreme weather conditions. The fact that the portrait is extant should be considered as a major achievement by the unknown daguerreian. Casey removed the original paper seals in 2006 when he did the archival conservation for a client. Notice that the operator actually applied red tint to the gent?s frozen face. When the complete leather case is opened the tremendous power of the man and the beauty of the piece, complete with patina and one mold spider is instantly displayed! The earlier likeness has remarkable contrast and superb holographic depth. The oxidation has traveled away from the opening of the double elliptical mat. The clarity of the image was outstanding. There are mat scrapes and some meaningless specks. The leather case on this example is also complete.