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Sixth Plate


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BEST OF BOTH GENE POOLS. The woman’s husband must have been as handsome as she was beautiful judging by the appearance of their daughter. Okay, I do see the lumpy flesh underneath the lady?s eyes, but please look into her luminous orbs and notice the softness of those perfectly formed lips. While her offspring decided to keep a serious demeanor when they were taken late in the daguerreian era, I would offer a date of 1856-1858, never the less the lass was certainly pretty. Their maker used great skill in posing the pair. The position of their arms across the bottom of the resealed sixth plate created a wonderful foundation to begin viewing the sitters. When the book style full leather case is opened, and the angle of view is shifted, the females actually appear animated! Lovely old patina adds several hues and makes a wonderful natural vignette.