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Woman in Bathing Costume, Sixth Plate Dag by Anson, New York


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BATHING BEAUTY BY ANSON! There has been some conjecture about the footgear that the young woman wore when she visited the 589 Broadway gallery of Rufus Anson sometime in the mid-1850s to have her very remarkable resealed sixth plate taken. Technically speaking, as one fashion expert mentioned, ?Those aren?t really bathing booties.? However, as the owner of this amazing daguerreotype told me in 2000 when I bought his entire collection of 1,000 plates, ?She was taken so early that proper footwear hadn?t been invented yet.? Her costume certainly said, ?I?m ready for a dip, come hell or high water!? As you can see from all the corrosion on the stamped brass mat, the original glass was terribly moisture laden. Hence the myriad of white specks and flecks on the silver. Patina surrounds the lass who sat calmly while the lens cap was uncovered. There are green pinpoint dots upper right inside the curve of the mat opening. Someone married the cover of a leather case with the classic Anson imprint inside to the bottom of a case that had the same Cherub theme. They used a piece of leather to make it complete. ?ANSON and NP 40? were the pair of hallmarks on the double silvered plate.