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Sixth Plate


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ARMS INTERLOCKED! I just resealed this marvelous testimony to a daguerreian who made his horizontal sixth plate in weird circumstances. The fact that one of the foursome actually paid for the plate and held it dearly is most remarkable. The repaired leather case is very worn on the reverse and the cover is fine. I believe the fellows sat about 1850+-. All those teeny white dots are really invisible. The reflected depth is quite impressive and the mark on the gent?s hand, lower left was there the day the dag was made. It is the halo effect around the standing figure and the shadows elsewhere that were eye catching. And the youngster with his arms woven with his friends and also being the recipient of a hand on his shoulder that made me ask, who were these guys and what was their relationships? I didn?t miss the fact that he alone was in sharper focus than his companions.