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Sixth Plate


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“LIZZIE E. FESSENDEN”. She was bespectacled and turned away from the camera, taken in a sixth sized semi-profile pose, which seemed to have pleased both the woman and her daguerreian team of “Heywood & Heard” who worked at 10 Tremont Row Boston. They were near neighbors of Southworth & Hawes whose location was 5 1/2 Tremont Row. H & H entered into a partnership circa 1860. Lizzie sparkles underneath the original domed glass with a new archival seal. The lady was placed in a complete leather case, maybe after the commencement of the War Between the States! It is unusual to own a dag made 1860 or later! Surely the next owner of this magnificent effort will enjoy combing through dusty pages of family history OR more likely, using a keyboard and computer to research Ms. Fessenden?s history.