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Remarkably Candid Pair of Gentlemen by Bogardus, Sixth Plate Dag


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JUST THE BEST! Sometimes here in Exeter we play a game of “when have you ever seen”?! In the case of this marvelous sixth plate daguerreotype, when have you have seen a dag of two guys having such a jolly good time? When we first saw it last year, dad, Casey, and I agreed that we hadn?t seen one like it. I mean, their full, happy smiles just radiate out from this image. I was determined to smile for the first dag I ever had made of me (this is Erin, and the dag was by Jerry Spagnoli in 1995) and it worked out, but I don?t think I looked as spontaneous as these guys. I was smiling because I was determined to smile, damnit! Bogardus must have had super fast exposure times that day back c 1850. I am also drawn to their perfect teeth. The dag has some edge tarnish and a few errant scratches at the upper right just below the mat and at the lower left in the tarnish. There are a few at the lower right too. There is a generous amount of mold spiders as well. That aside, when have you ever seen a dag as cool as this? I can imagine them leaving the studio and hitting the streets of New York ready to take on the world. Bogardus is stamped on the case pad and the mat. The dag is resealed and has a repaired spine.