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Sixth Plate


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A CLASSIC MID-CENTURY DROVER! I suspect he was either a drover or driver and dressed for inclement weather when his sixth plate was taken circa 1848. The pinpoint focus on the fellow?s craggy face revealed every line permanently etched into his flesh! Red tint was painted on his cheeks and bearded chin. This was a professional man who lived a very hard life, being exposed to the elements continuously as he worked out doors. He posed for a professional daguerreian who had a skylight affixed above his subjects. This is a very fine occupational character study. The marks on the left are areas of dried water and there are also mat marks and a green dot in the drop. The specks above his head seem to be mold mites. For the uninitiated . . . the device angled across his woolen shirt was his whip. The complete leather case was used later in the daguerreian era.