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Sixth Plate


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NOTHING . . . Not even those free-flowing fingers of patina that all point in the direction of the concerned gentleman could possibly alter my impression of the chap when he received his resealed sixth size likeness from a competent daguerreotypist. He dressed for the occasion to have this formal portrait executed. That tall beaver had been recently brushed to a bright sheen. The man neatly knotted his tie and even combed his hair forward along his temples so that it wouldn?t have that sometimes noticeable ?fly away? appearance. His maker turned the subject?s torso and instructed the man to look back towards the lens, which was slightly lower than normal, thus adding to the prominence of his patron. Broad light from the right side and a large reflector opposite achieved superb illumination and sculpted the guy?s face. None of the specks and squiggles of oxidation really are bothersome. Pale tinting was painted on his face. The complete leather case has a plain red silk pad inside.