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Sixth Plate


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PLANTS WITH HUMANS! At first, when I studied the piece, a heavy sixth plate without a hallmark created circa 1845, I thought their portrait might have been duplicated from an original. Now that I have made more than a cursory inspection of this curious dag, with the tinted foliage and pot situated behind the sitters, I am not certain that it was a daguerreotype copy. What I thought was the original plate outlined on this example probably wasn?t because of that strange tab top center. Could that simply have been the shape of the daguerreian?s plate holder? I am absolutely enjoying studying the resolute gent and his curious little companion. Was she a granddaughter? The polishing marks on the silver were very noticeable, and the focus overall equally soft everywhere. Never the less, the small-town manufacturer of this likeness was quite successful, much to my delight! How I love trying to unravel the mysteries of fine daguerreotypes!