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Sixth Plate


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?LE STIMSON?. There is a ?day he was taken? scratch on the right side of his head in the background. It is not noticeable at all during the best angles of viewing appreciation of this incredibly self-assured heartthrob! That has to be one of the finest silk bandanas that a gentleman ever wore when he posed for a sixth plate daguerreotype. Maybe only ?topped? by that fine chapeau! Although he firmly grasped the fabric of his vest, revealing large hands, the man?s mouth tho convincingly set conveyed neither menace nor friendship. His luminous blue eyes bored deeply into the surface of the resealed artifact, suggesting an innate intelligence that he would share only with his companions. There is a silver dot on his jacket cuff, a brown spot on his chin and a couple faint mold mites inside the band of oval oxidation. The complete leather case was well-used! AND WHY NOT? He really was wicked handsome don?t you think?