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Do you think this lad sailed upon? Before venturing into the storefront of a local daguerreotypist during a port of call layover, the experienced nautical fellow had one of his mates ?trim? his hair, with a dull pair of sheep sheers no doubt. The earnest strong gaze is rather arresting when the fellow?s complete leather case is opened. His body language revealed a young man who knew how to relax in front of a lens. He was rather comfortable in fact. A small mystery, at least to me, was the drawing of a human face on the paper underneath his elbow. Was there a connection between the sailor and the artwork? The mid-tones of the resealed sixth plate are astounding! The even illumination revealed every facet of the subject and his outfit. With a hand half thrust into his pants pocket and the other one slightly clenched into a fist, I have the feeling that he was a dangerous opponent when angered. That pinky ring surely would have bit into another man?s flesh if punches were thrown. Very slender mat marks are seen on the right. The dag is a wonderfully rare and revealing a very worthy character study from the mid-19th century!