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Sixth Plate


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POSITIONED PERFECTLY! The camera operator realized the instant his client desired this sixth plate portrait to be executed, while he wore his glossy workingman?s cap with that small leather brim, that an adjustment needed to be considered. I am referring to the place he sat his subject underneath a skylight. The retaped likeness is testimony to the man?s consummate skill set. The illumination was perfect. Bright whites to the richest blacks, with all the tones in between are on display. The fellow sat ramrod straight and rested his arm on a table next to two books. His pinky ring was quite visible. Honestly, I am also impressed with the care the gent took arranging his thick hair. He watched a ?spot on the wall? past the camera?s lens. His square jaw supported firmly set lips. There are faint wipes in the lower left corner of the very bright dag. Also a few on his neck. Mat scrapes and other meaningless marks are across the top of the plate. A full leather case with a bright red silk pad inside completes the presentation.