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Sixth Plate


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A REMARKABLE DRESS! As I was admiring the gal, whose hand applied colors were very professionally done, I also noticed that the hue of her costume changed radically depending on the angle of view when I rotated the resealed sixth plate kept in a very remarkable red embossed with gold book style leather case (see extra scans). Obviously, the young female gave much thought about her appearance before visiting a daguerreotypist?s gallery. She arranged her dark hair beautifully and selected large earrings, that the man painted with gold. He used the same treatment on her rings and belt buckle. Calmness was so apparent in the subject?s beautiful portrait. The miniscule white specks are nearly invisible. Several tiny moles were on her face. The resplendence of this impressive dag can?t be overstated! An inscription done in pencil on the bottom paper of the case is curious.