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Sixth Plate


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A MAD LITTLE LAD! He is kept inside a sixth sized separated leather case. His parents brought the boy to an unidentified daguerreian circa 1849. The resealed likeness had a ?SCOVILLS MFG Co EXTRA? hallmark boldly stamped in the silver. To elevate the tiny tot to the height of his camera, the daguerreian placed his subject standing on a small chair. There must have been a head restraint behind him and he certainly was strongly admonished when he attempted to dance away before the lens was uncapped. I wonder what the reward, for remaining motionless, might have been? One of the rare portraits where either a reflector opposite the main light source wasn?t utilized or it was placed too far away to softened the shadows. Whatever the reason, a spectacular childhood dag was created. The condition is exemplary. The reflected depth is sensational!