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Sixth Plate


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IMPOSSIBLE TO SCAN! A fabulous portrait of a 10 year boy, standing with his left hand resting upon a book on a cloth draped table. He wore a military style short jacket, with a long row of nine buttons down the center and five buttons on the sleeves. The white shirt cuffs were perfectly positioned to be revealed just below the tunic?s sleeves. The lad?s right hand (with those long fingers closed) had his thumb hooked in the fabric?s pocket. The bottom of the archivally taped sixth sized masterpiece ended at mid thigh. But not before we all have a great view of his fabulous striped pants. The kid had large dark eyes and a nicely proportioned, handsome face. Naturally, his hair was neatly combed. If all this wasn’t enough, I will casually add that this is one of the richest, most spectacular youthful male daguerreotypes I have ever owned. The tonality scale is absolutely off the charts with a complete range from vivid white to super rich black. The lighting was so fine that it appears as almost unnatural bordering towards surrealism. There were even vertical folds in the dark drape behind the boy. The condition of the plate is flawless. The wonderful work of daguerreian art is housed in a fine, whole leather sailboat case by E. White.