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Very seldom seen in portraits of 49ers seeking their fortune is a hat like that! He also made sure to purchase the optional oil cloth covering for his new hat in order to make it water proof. The cover can be seen slightly overlapping the underside of the brim evenly all the way around. A big hat like that served many purposes – to shield from the sun as well as keep one dry in adverse conditions. The area where gold was predominantly discovered was in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada mountains on the way up towards lake Tahoe. As you ascend towards the lake, the line where rain changes to snow is in areas where gold was found. Nothing worse than a soggy hat from wet heavy snow. Also, he is dressed for a cooler locale for mining with an amazing, embroidered miners? shirt under a semi heavy looking coat. A base layer of a white shirt and necktie are slightly visible. The condition of this resealed sixth plate is about as close to perfect as one sees in 49er dags. The floral, with geometric backed case has the original spine hanging on but may need repair in a few years. This dag is such a tour de force with condition, content and clarity of detail, surely the next owner will want to gaze upon it often and wonder, if this eager looking man find the fortune he was seeking.



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