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The resealed sixth plate does have many merits! The size of that factory in the background was ginormous. The composition makes me wonder if the gent driving the carriage was the owner of said manufacturing operation. His large companion waited patiently on his haunches while the landscape was taken. Notice the curious cut glass or was it wooden lattice in the entryway of the house nestled behind that white picket fence. I have never seen anything like that previously in a residential home. Could the wheeled vehicle operator have been the owner? I suspect that the scene was taken somewhere in New England but without any further identification, the actual location may never be known. The complete leather case with a professionally repaired spine would indicate that the view was taken circa 1846-1847. I shouldn?t have to mention that the composition and architectural correctness were superbly achieved aspects of the image. I do wonder what the fellow standing in the dirt street with his arms akimbo was all about! There are green dots hugging the mat midway on the right side. Some mat marks are also visible. The brightly polished silver was buffed in both directions. Please notice the clouds in the sky between the huge smoke stack and those trees. They were tinted pink and blue!