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I recently bought this incredible archivally taped sixth plate dag along with a black & white photo copy. The print is approximately 9 x 13.5 inches and kept inside a lovely lemon gold frame. I?m not certain at this point when the photo was made. Here is some information about the gorgeous little lass: She was identified: ?Caroline Antoinette Smith (Mchaffey) aged 4. Married George Price Conner when 19yrs. old.? That was written on a scrap of paper in brown ink. In pencil another hand wrote ?1852? most likely when Miss Smith was taken! There is daguerreian frosting in the darkest regions of the fine dag. Subtle pink tint was painted on the Caroline?s tiny bouquet and her cheeks. A deeper red accentuated her lips. I have enjoyed the gal?s casual, though of course it was stage managed by the operator, and her innocent gaze towards the camera.