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The resealed sixth plate lass arrived in Exeter in a common complete leather case from the early 1850s. The instant I realized she held one of the most desirable and beautiful thermoplastic cases in her hands I went to a flat file drawer and found the identical case. “The Calmady Children” were engraved by Hiram W. Haden and presents the Calmady sisters Emily and Laura who were originally painted in 1824 by British Portraitist Sir Thomas Lawrence. The unidentified operator used a magnificent and rather elegant piece of furniture as a studio prop. In fact, his focus seemed more attuned to showing off the chair then his youthful sitter, who posed easily and had a warm expression. Could she have been the daguerreian?s daughter? Spotty patina is seen inside the oval mat. There are a couple tiny mold spiders along with some white specks. Pale pigments were painted in the child?s face and lips.