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Sixth Plate


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ALTHOUGH IN LIFE . . . The gentleman was most likely physically larger than the lady, because she wore such a voluminous costume when they were daguerreotyped at the 702 Chestnut St. Gallery in Philadelphia by Washington Germon, she filled more than half the space in their sixth plate likeness. While she appeared to have been eager to sit for the camera, her gruff companion seemed very stiff and formal. The lass?s pretty brown eyes and friendly expression certainly would have captivated most persons when they met her. The balding gent with some comb over going on seemed very sincere. Germon began his career in partnership with James McClees in 1847. They parted company in 1856 but Germon didn?t open his studio at 702 until 1859. If you are looking to own a ?late? dag, please consider this pair. They have been retaped and are kept in a complete leather case. There are both white specks and black spots on the highly reflective surface. The latter seem invisible when the pair are held and examined. Lovely patina surrounds them.