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Meredith Brothers


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“GRANDFATHER MEREDITH’S TWO BROTHERS, WILLIAM AND GEORGE MEREDITH? Is typed on a slip of paper with this dag. I sold dad this sixth plate dag last year. As usual, I think he concocted some sort of trade deal he knew I?d go for and a little cash to sweeten it. Of course, this was less than what I had been offering. So I took the offer since the dags were something I had previously wanted. He saw the opportunity and like the hawk he was, swept in and took the dag before I had deciphered the deal fully! But of course, not to be outdone, I?m sure I got the better of him the next trade, or maybe the previous one. As a client out in the heat of Brimfield once remarked, we are both sharks in the antique world, with great dags being our favorite prey! The funny thing about the brother’s Meredith is that this is actually the second time I sold this particular dag. I found it somewhere in the wild back in 2007 or so and resealed and sold in 2008 to a client who then sold it back to me about two years ago. Now to Will and George. These gents were hip to the latest fashions that beheld the cooler looking guys of the 1850s. Wherever they were, I bet they were having a good time and killing it with the ladies! They confidently sport nicely kept headwear with the larger, longer ties popular at the time. They are held in a nice leather case with a professionally repaired spine with bright gold leaf edging. The condition of the case is excellent as the surface of the sixth plate dag, save for a few minor mat abrasions.