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Having owned this image for likely close to 20 years, it feels like I have gotten to know this fellow. He has always exuded a kindness with his slightly off center gaze. Not looking at the camera directly, but instead wondering what he will be doing next. The daguerreotype process was still somewhat striking to behold around 1845, when his likeness was captured. Though, he has always seemed that when he was on his way out of the studio he was bound for something equally as interesting. The image is held in a nice delicate roses design with 4 and 5 petals on either side, signifying the manufacturing date as 1845. his case patterned with 4 and 4, 4 and 5, 4 and 6, then 4 and 7 petals representing the years 1844-1847. The blue velvet case pad is embossed with a single flower and nicely matched with blue piping surrounding the image.