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I would reckon that this proud father has taken his boys for the first ride in his new buggy. The reflective sheen of the front is far too clean for the buggy to have been used much. Also, the canvas cover looks to be in pristine condition as are the neatly rolled up side drapes. As a kid, dad taught me to shoot full frame, in order to not have to crop later. But, when shooting dags, it is tough to make sure to leave room for the necessary brass mat. So, I think this daguerreian simply didn?t factor in the mat, thus choosing to cutoff some of the wheel instead of the horse’s head. At first glance, I was not impressed much with the image. Then a deeper look at it revealed a lovely pattern using the interesting roofline to frame the horse in the center of it, with the tip of the awning lined up to the edge of the roof. The lightness of the fence provides a lovely black and white contrast and draws the eye to the center line, highlighting the father, sons and horse. The dag is in excellent condition with some mat abrasions hidden in the tarnish and sky left of center. The circle was formed by a tiny plate imperfection from the day it was made. Held in case with a hasty, yet efficient enough spine repair done by a previous owner.


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