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Sixth Plate


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ENCASED IN COTTON! A colorful sixth plate portrait of a chunky lass, very nicely posed with a rather sexy expression on her broad face. Her large eyes were softly focused on the maker, who chose to illuminate his subject with broad, bright light from behind and slightly on the left. Her spectacular dress radiates and reflects the patterns freely. She is wearing a daguerreian locket that is attached to a thin metallic chain around her neck. Her left arm was resting on a table next to a small stack of books and she stuck her thumb inbetween the pages of another book in her hand. She wore thin, white cloth gloves on both hands. This heavy, hand cut plate has square corners, flat sides and no hallmark. It is resealed and was probably made circa 1844-45. The surface actually changes hues and shimmers as the image is turned. There are swirls of patina especially in the neutral drop and a couple nearly invisible mold spiders. The whole leather case was a popular geometric in 1845 and has survived in fine condition.