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Sixth Plate


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THE TILT! He sort of leaned one way with his torso and then straightened his head just enough to save the sixth plate from further fun-filled comments by me. The daguerreian must have thought that showing plenty of neutral gray drops was important, because the resealed piece is a fine example. The highlights on the lad’s face and his shadow cast to the left explain that the light entered the room from the right side. The maker did achieve excellent contrast and tonality. He even splashed some red pigments on the boy’s cheeks and the tablecloth. Even at his young age, the clear-eyed kid has the hands of a working class man. I must add that he was neatly dressed and special attention was taken to comb his hair. A few brown dots are visible and the oxidation flows away from the oval shape of the mat in places. The common leather case is worn.