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Sixth Plate


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HAD IT GOING . . . UP! Now this fella had the ?stack? style fully in hand and on his head when he posed for his retaped sixth plate daguerreotype in the mid-1850s. He also sported some facial hair at the bottom of his chin. Those pale blue gambler?s eyes didn?t give any tells concerning his thoughts about visiting an operator. Don?t you always wonder how many times, if at all, subjects had sat in front of a daguerreotype camera prior to the record you are examining? Except for wayward tarnish and an area of haziness in the lower right corner, seen mostly when the guy is held to a negative angle of view, the silver shines brightly. The complete leather case has a deep purple embossed pad inside and the latches have nearly worn off the leather on the rails from many openings to examine the handsome chap!