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Sixth Plate


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PROPER LAD. One mention to this kid that he was in a lower class and you would receive a fat lip! He just screams, I am rich; you’re not, so leave me alone and don’t talk to me. The adolescent boy stands with his hand resting steadily on a chair of a unique design as he tries to emulate someone older. But his boyish face gets in the way of his ploy to “grow up” in a mere daguerreotype. He stands with his other hand placed carefully at his side. His mouth is covered with a smirk and those deep, intense eyes are fixed on the camera. His dark suit looks like it has been neatly pressed. It has buttons down the center and is accented by a white collar that is slightly crooked. So my overall assessment of this brash lad is: He has failed to achieve gentleman hood in a single picture. Condition wise, this resealed sixth plate is perfect, except for some ghostly tarnish that covers part of the chair in the lower right corner. Natural oxidation follows the shape of the double elliptical mat. The unknown maker was a genius, both in style and chemistry. The piece has exceptional tonality, contrast and holographic depth. A half leather case with a flower design holds this little twerp.