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Sixth Plate


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NOT TAKEN LIGHTLY. When the young gentleman required a sixth plate of himself, he or his parents decided that a consummate professional would make the image, not one of those “itinerant fellows”. So, he dressed with care, and arrived precisely at the appointed time, which had been arranged in advance. The maker was busy and practiced in the art of making aristocratic children regal in appearance. He ushered the fellow inside, made a perfunctory inspection of his appearance and rapidly placed him on a small chair. Believe it or not, the best daguerreotypists had worked out successful formulas by the mid-1840s for creating certain “types” of portraits, quickly and with a large profit margin, I might add. The lad received an outstanding, resealed mirror image. The white shirt and collar are crisp, while the deep grays and blacks crackle. Most impressive though is the brilliant sparkle as he leaps out when the fine, whole leather case is opened. The young man’s delicately defined facial features and detached gaze are most agreeable. There is loosely formed oxidation inside the mat and a few nearly noticeable flecks and specks.