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Sixth Plate


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HE’S SOOO CUTE. I have never been so compelled to reach into a sixth plate and gently grasp a kid by his shoulders and give him a bear hug. The standing boy, so perfectly balanced; resting his hand on a low table top and holding his handsome fur chapeau at his side with the other hand, is an honest representation of what every mother wished her little male angel looked like. His chubby, cherubic face, lightly hand tinted, is crowned by perfected parted hair. Those medium colored eyes are so innocent and partially covered by delicate, fleshy lids. The contours of his unmarked skin smoothly flow towards his tiny mouth. The operator obviously excelled in dealing with children. The boy couldn’t be more confident and relaxed. Even when a wide belt was tightened around his waist, to the post behind him that supported a head restraint, the lad didn’t flinch and the man was careful to smooth the folds of the tunic. So, here is the perfect poster child! The technical acumen displayed was equal to the marvelous little guy. A resplendent golden glow bathes the entire resealed surface that has bright patina and a couple mold spider specks. I consider him to be perfect. Now comes the most amazing embellishment. A piece of domed glass covers the boy and his reflected depth is in another proportion, almost beyond visual belief. This style of presentation comes closest to representing a hologram as was possible in the 1850s. The whole leather case has an unusual urn on the cover. A masterwork of this quality is rare!