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The placement of the youngest subject’s hand on her brother’s shoulder is a focal point of the resealed sixth plate image. She and he certainly are the most attractive people in the portrait, although grandma wearing her frameless glasses, her daughter and remaining granddaughter are also good-looking folks. The daguerreotypist spaced his subjects with aplomb inside the double elliptical opening of the mat. Their alternating head heights formed a pair of pyramidal compositions with the lad alternating as an anchor in each one. His hands reveal usage beyond his years in performing manual labor. Notice how ruddy his cheeks are (yes, a dash of red colors them) in comparison with his lighter toned forehead. He probably wore a brimmed hat much of the time. The family took their business to a studio that was outfitted with a skylight. The city operator achieved rich tonality and excellent reflected depth. The contrast is also impressive. I suspect that all their flesh tones were more colorful the day the piece was presented to the elderly woman for her inspection. Someone had previously taken apart the seals and placed a fingerprint on her breast. There is a minor dimple in the upper right edge of the likeness, a couple brown dots that are only seen when the five folks are turned to the negative view and miniscule mat marks in places. A common leather case in two parts holds the unusual daguerreotype.