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Sixth Plate


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STEPPIN’ OUT! I don’t think handsome is the correct word to describe the cherry cheeked gentleman who sat for his archivally taped sixth plate that is held in the original magnificent book style wooden and leather case. “Memory’s Leaflet” is boldly embossed in gold on the wide separated spine along with floral impressions. Please see the second scan for a peek at the design on both covers. Dandified certainly is a suggestive term that kind of fits his demeanor don’t you think? The operator’s client had money and a need to be recorded on a perfect silver tablet that has not suffered at all during the aging process unless at an almost negative angle you would spot silvery filaments on and near his collar. Even using a loupe doesn’t aid me in identifying those anomalies. So, I won’t worry you further about them. Impressive focus and magnificent holographic reflectance plus superlative contrast helped to orchestrate the man’s masterpiece. That splash of purple on his luxurious silk cravat should push his portrait into the realm of extremes. I haven’t mentioned his out of the box beaver top hat or his freckled beautiful face framed by that low curly beard because all that is obvious! Buy now or be forever regretful!