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Sixth Plate


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BARE FOOT BABE. For the sake of settling an argument before it begins, I don’t know the sex of the sixth plate child, who was placed in a small chair that has been covered with a bolt of loose fabric. Both the baby and the furniture have been isolated impressively with full frontal illumination against a black background that was a few feet behind the subject. The kid is quite naturally posed and did bob its head briefly during the quick shot. The flesh tones remain remarkably well colored, even after the surface has been cleaned at least twice, the second time very quickly by me to remove a layer of scum and a few rust spots. There are two gatherings of surface spiders, in between the kid’s legs and next to the hand. The other specks and flecks are more obvious in the scan than on the piece. I re-glassed and archivally re-taped the package that is in the bottom of a leather case. Deep depth and extended contrast are both very impressive.