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Sixth Plate


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SILENTLY ALONE! When Casey removed the original paper seal on this astounding large sixth plate oval daguerreotype he kept the beautiful domed glass as he archivally taped the woman’s portrait. A fabulous oval green velvet push button case with white silk opposite the subject, who was daguerreotyped shortly after a loved one died, holds the likeness. Notice that the woman is dressed completely in black! Even the somber tones of the image match her sentiments. The sparkling bejeweled brass mat is almost unique amongst daguerreotypes. I can tell you that the condition is perfection personified!!! A fantastic Victorian remembrance!!! She absolutely is mesmerizing when the daguerreotype is held and closely examined. AND because of the curvature in the glass the depth is remarkable. Brilliantly aged patina enhances her otherwise somber tonality. The surface of silver is pristine!