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He doesn’t look happy, or overly sad, just mediocre. Edgar Wing is written on the light red, silk pad of the sixth sized whole leather case. Young Edgar sits high up in a chair with his hand leaning on a table next to a vase. Contained in the vase are flowers tinted blue, gold and green. He wears plaid pants, and also a long plaid shirt. Master Wing wears a lengthy slender necklace that passes over his white ruffled collar. He holds something attached to it that is hidden by his hand. There are no obvious flaws on the surface, only a few small spots and some bleeding of the palette of colors above the floral arrangement. The strength of the likeness lies in the simplicity of the composition. Edgar?s expression and his mismatched plaids are extraordinary. The tints of his flesh tones are very pleasing. As you can see in the scan, the tonality and contrast, along with the superb lightening are outstanding! The next owner will be delighted upon opening the case, circa 1847.